Zoner Zone (Issac J. Espinoza), is a gangsta rapper born in Brawely California, but raised in Yuma Arizona half of his life. Zoner is known for his crude and indecent lyrics portrayed in his music. He has been subject as a racist by numerous rappers in his city.

Early LifeEdit

Zoner Zone (Issac) was born April 12 1999; in a small but rough part of California called "Brawely." Issac as a child learned many things about the lifestyles of being a "thug" due to his Biological dad, who sold crack cocaine.

Issac at the age of nine-years-old suffered terrible psychical an emotional abuse from his biological father. He has never spoke about it untill the year of 2008, speaking to his mother about the past.

Rap CareerEdit

Zoner Zone was always a huge fan of the Hip Hop genre. Him and his companions at school would share rap verse's to eachother at lunch. He claims that he would do it for fun an to make friends until a series of events made him change his perspective.

In the year of 2009, Zoner's cousin "Sammual" was mudered at a phone booth due to gang related situations. This made Zoner believe that rap was a genre that promotes murder a violence, and Issac decided to quit rapping for a while.

In late 2014, Issac was sent to a Group Home due to his disfunctional relations with his family. A stuff member at this facility brought Issac back into liking Hip Hop. They both shared there love for the genre. And eventually made they're own performance inside of this facility. Thus, Zoner Zone was born.

As of 2015, Zoner Zone has 3 successful singles out "Keep It Real Ft. Day Day" "In My Zone" and "The Animal." Zoner owns his own independent record label "Hardcore Records."

Zoner Zone is releasing his first full lengh album "This Is America" on the 30th of May.


Zoner Zone cites his influences as "Eazy E, Ice Cube, A$AP Rocky, Run DMC, Big L, X Raided, Mc Ren, Schoolly D, Nas, Schoolboy Q, and LL Cool J."

Style Edit

Zoner Zone is known for his unforgiving lyrics an old school style production. Zoner has been cited to be "behind the beat but at the ame time on point." (As said by one of his closest friends.)

Discography Edit

This Is America (2015)

Dead Till Death: The Mixtape (2015)

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