Zlim Jim is an American rapper/songwriter from New Jersey. He is best known for his YouTube channel and freestyles.

Career Start (2014) Edit

Zlim Jim began his YouTube channel in February 2014, which featured many covers, skits, and a rap battle. The channel got Zlim Jim's name out and got him noticed by Casper Godfrey of Renegades Music Group.

Casper then told RMG about Zlim Jim, and RMG's CEO & artist, Jay Farr began talking to him. Jay Farr brought up the idea of producing Zlim Jim's debut project. This is likely to happen.

Controversies Edit

Beef With Matt Miller Edit

In 2014, Zlim Jim & Matt Miller had beef.

On January 27th 2017 Zlim Jim announced that he hates niggers and got kicked out of Renegades Music Group.

Discography Edit

Zlim Jim has not released anything yet, but is expected to be on the next Renegades Music Group Collaboration Mixtape.

He is also one of the worst rappers of all time. He cant rap for shit and should not be alive

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