Young Tony lives in the hood of the P.Crime & HoodGang in Parma Court housing complex by Victoria Park and O'Connor drive.


Young Tony is a lyrical genius who never has to sharpen his tongue when it comes to a battle. His razor sharp, captivating lyrics absolutely mutilate the opponent infront of him, and can sometimes even end the opponent's career. This powerful emcee hails from the mean blocks of Parma Court in East York, Toronto, Canada, and is a member of one of the hottest underground rap groups the Dot has to offer, Deep Pockets. He now goes by the name of 'Hush Money'/ 'Hush'.tsku


Young Tony - Raised In The Streets00:00

Young Tony - Raised In The Streets

Young Tony - Gangsta Slide00:00

Young Tony - Gangsta Slide

Califate ft06:33

Califate ft. Young Tony, Aristo, Mayhem, C4 - 100 Strong Arm

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