Anarae Brown, better known by his stage name "X-Raided", is a virtual unknown to most rap fans but an underground hero to his followers. Born in 1974, X-Raided's first album was released in 1991. It was called Niggaz In Blacc.

One year later, X-Raided was arrested on charges of gang-related homicide. One day after his arrest, his album Psycho Active was released. The lyrics were so hardcore that they were used against him as evidence in the murder case. As X-Raided awaited the verdict of his trial while in jail, he released another album over a prison phone, called Xorcist. Shortly after he was convicted of homicide, though he maintains innocence and refuses to "snitch".

As of March 2015, Raided has since released 20 more albums, as well as single, mixtapes, and features on other songs. X-Raided is set to be released from prison in 2016.

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