All-Ever is a Canadian rapper currently touring The Midnight Birth show.

The Midnight Birth, a unique fusion of rap and contemporary dance, has toured Montreal, Magog and Toronto, reaching over 1,000 audience members live and 210,000 more through TV, radio and newspaper interviews. The show originally breaks the respective cultural and aesthetic boundaries of urban and contemporary art. The songs' music, poetry, emotional content and messages resonate in a powerful and evocative way through the dancer's body, bringing a striking visual dimension. Humorous at times, tragic at others, the piece stimulates and entertains while making its audience reflect. Comprised of original songs from The Midnight Birth album, the show seeks to break some of its genre's stereotypes, which generally come from the commercial rap industry. It deals with sexism, gangsterism, dysfunctional relationships between men and women, violence against women, socio-political apathy, rappers' braggadoccio and women's hyper-sexualization, among other themes. The show is thus targeted to a wide audience, more particularly for adults and teenagers.

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