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Armstrong in 1986

William "8Pac" Armstrong (5 December 1957 - 20 June 1999), was an American hip hop artist who started working with Fred Parker in 1973. In 1976, William signed to "Music-&-Rap Entertainment" and made his first debut album in 1977 called "NaNa". Three years later, William had sold over 2 million copies.

Shooting and death Edit

Main Article: Shooting and death of William Armstrong

On June 20, 1999, William and his wife Bianca was on the way to pick up Sofia, their 9 year old daughter at a daycare in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. When they arrived at the daycare, a black Honda Civic pulled up aside their Aston Martin. The unknown driver rolled up the windows and fired 10 shots which hit William twice in the neck. His wife rushed him to the nearest hospital where he died hours later.

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