Vasily Angelovicolovski

Vasily Angelovicolovski is an up and coming Russo-Romanian MC. He has gained fame in his native Romania for being the first white rapper to have a #1 single in the country. Angelovicolovski is also good friends with up and coming British freestyle rapper DJ Smile.

Early LifeEdit

Vasily was born on the 6th of September, 1969 in the port of Galați, Romania. He was born to parents Vlad and Vasilica. Vasily suffered from tourettes syndrome as a child, his teacher describes "He would be quiet most of the time but would make spontaneous outbursts such as "Motherfucker, fuck the fucking world”. Due to these infrequent outbursts, Vasily spent most of his childhood alone playing with himself. When he was 13 Vasily decided to move away from home (unusually old for a child in a Romanian family), his mother has commented on this decision saying "The lazy înțepătură (prick) took too long to move out of the house, he spend all day play on the xbox and the jerking off so i'm glad he's gone."

Living in the United KingdomEdit

Angelovicolovsky arrived in London at the age of 13 years old. He settled in quickly with the immigrant community in Southall. He quickly rose to prominence by freestyling on the streets of London, one of his earliest lines was "I wanna be free like a bee in a tree with a massive d...". He took up the nickname Potassium Cubed (K³).



His first and only full recorded album is called "MC Brudyr up in UrAnus". Although he is working on another album called "Banging Donkey's. the album is expected to reach #1 in Romania immedietely after it's launch, as such is the success that Angelovicolovski has had in Romania in the past, also because he is the only musician who is allowed to sell his music in the country.

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