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V Slash Records News 3 1 2014

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V Slash Records is a independent record label founded in 2011 by Maxx Ca$h and Andrew D.

Early Days (2011-2013)Edit

When Maxx Ca$h and Andrew D were in 6th grade at lunch one day they decided they should make a record label since they rapped all the time but never recorded it.  They started V Slash as a rap group like the Odd Future Wolf Gang, but over time V Slash evolved into a record label instead of a rap group.

V Slash Records (2013-2014)Edit

In late summer of 2013 Maxx Ca$h was freestyling in his basement with 3 friends.  One of the friends who would later be signed to V Slash Records as CP used to always freestyle with Maxx Ca$h .  Maxx decided he wanted to teach the other friend to rap since they were all big rap fans, so Maxx taught him how to rap and they recorded V Slash Records's first song, and worst song: Retreat.  Then Maxx Ca$h signed Jamez to V Slash Records making him the first artist to sign to V Slash Records since the foundation in 2011.  Then about an hour after Jamez was signed CP was also added to the roster.  Then on October 7, 2013 V Slash Records changed forever.  Obie 3 was signed to the roster.  Obie was already famous in school for his hip-pop type of flow and for talent show performances.  Once Obie joined V Slash Records he really set the bar for the rest of the roster.  Then Maxx Ca$h stepped up and put out the first mixtape, then about a month later V Slash Records released their first compilation mixtape which had songs featuring CP, Jamez, Maxx Ca$h & Obie 3!

Not A Rookie EP & From Nothing (2014)Edit

After Maxx Ca$h released "The Maxx Ca$h EP" on datpiff, V Slash Records knew they had to follow it up fast with something new since it only had 7 tracks (the deluxe version had 9), so then V Slash Records made their first compilation mixtape featuring 9 new tracks from CP, Jamez, Maxx Ca$h & Obie 3.  About 2 months after the release of Wave 1, Maxx Ca$h was in the studio recording a collab for V Slash Records's next compilation mixtape when he discovered the talent of B da Bull.  So then about 2 days after the collab Maxx Ca$h signed B da Bull to the official V Slash Records roster.  On March 28, 2014 CP released his first solo mixtape the "Not A Rookie EP".  It featured six tracks, and one of them was featuring Maxx Ca$h . On April 20, 2014 Maxx Ca$h released "From Nothing" after long adue.  From Nothing is considered to be his best mixtape.  From Nothing was also considered the best mixtape from V Slash Records.

Revival Of Rap (2014)Edit

From the time V Slash: Wave 1 released, all the members of V Slash Records began recording for Revival Of Rap originally as a side project.  Eventually Maxx Ca$h decided to make Revival Of Rap a compilation mixtape.


B da Bull



Maxx Ca$h

Obie 3


April 20, 2014 - From Nothing [Maxx Ca$h]

March 28, 2014 - Not A Rookie EP [CP]

January 11, 2014 - V Slash: Wave 1 [V Slash Records Compilation]

December 4, 2013 - The Maxx Ca$h EP [Maxx Ca$h]

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