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    May 24, 2011 by Young Pince

    £$£$£ £$£$£ _$£$ _$£$ _$£$ _$£$_____$£$ _$£$____$£$£$ _$£$___$£$_$£$___£$ _$£$__$£$___$£$__£$ _$£$£$£$£$$£$£$£$£$ _$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$$ ____$£$______£$£ ___$£$________£$£ __$£$£________$£$£ £$£$£$________$£$£$

    The history of the American/Canadian music industry will not be completed without the chapter of Young Prince.Young Prince was born in Nigeria,ibom st in 1992.If achievements are one of the yard sticks to measure the success of artiste, Young Prince will remain number one on the chart of all research artiste. He have defiled the odds, weathered the storm and re-written the history of the Canadian music industry; He have also proven that there are always differences between artiste and musicians. Okon, Young Prince remain one of the most…

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