Now, two of the best rappers in the genre, are Hopsin, and Eminem, both with similar "screw the world", and rage packed styles.  These artists would make a killer rap, hotter than anyone out there.


Taking Back Rap: The Mixtape

An mixtape collaboration by Eminem and Hopsin. Featring numureous artists such as: SwiZz, Dr. Dre, Elton John, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Lil' Kim and Macklemore.

Track Listing


--Eminem & Hopsin feat.SwiZz


--Eminem & Hopsin


-- Eminem & Hopsin feat. Macklemore and Elton John

Back on Top

-- Eminem & Hopsin feat. Snoop Dogg

Slim Shady meets Hopsin

-- Eminem & Hopsin feat. Dr. Dre


-- Eminem & Hopsin feat. Lil' Kim

Club Crazy

-- Eminem & Hopsin feat. Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre

Steve Jobs

-- Eminem & Hopsin feat. Macklemore



[Eminem] Guess whos back... back again/Em is back/brought a friend

[Hopsin] Finna in your motherf***ing a**/Back up in it/With Emi-f***ing-nem/Brought my boy SwiZz in on this/suck a d**k/b**ch

[Eminem]Boy quit your playin/if you think your better than your the next rapper Im slaying/there is no way i'm/a quit the hating/but looking at your face is degrading/and f**k all our haters (Hopsin: Yeah your dead)/I 'llgo around killing b**chy traitors/and i'm aggresive when i'm f***ing in bed/like my condoms are made out of alligators/but I get some good head/with or without the lambskin

[Hopsin]Tread in like a tread mill/illuminati a**holes are who I kill/its a comeback/and I ain't afraid to slap a b**ch/cut off her tits/rip off her cl*t/and insert my d**k/you wish/you could suck this/I'm a black dude, so yup I gotta big d**k/if your gonna trip/I'm gonna bi***slap a trick/(1 second pause)/bend her over my knee/call her Pamela Lee/yeah I took that from Slim Shady/hes a real n****/for a white guy

[SwiZz - Chrous]Its a Comeback/We Came Back/F**k that/if you don't bang this track (3x)

[Eminem]C*m on 'em/do it hop/(Hopsin grunts*)/We are back!/nothing hotter than our collab tracks/thats where the f**k its at/and you can take it up your a**/hump her so fast/she doesn't realize till she gets the whiplash/then I slash her a**/and kill these f*gs


[Hopsin] I was hyped up/so I skyped up/all my exes/on the image was my d**k/caption read "you can't have it"/'till this one crazy b**ch reached for the screen like shes tryna grab it/than I got three weeks of fan mail/when I wrote her back/told her I no longer go for that/she said she'd get her black male/one night/I awoke to the sight/of my c*ck /in her hand/the crazy ho cut it off/she was in hype land/I just said oh damn

[Eminem - Chrous]  We hyped up/ We we hyped up (3x)

[Eminem]Hos be crazy/the only good thing to come from one was Hailie/and Lainie/and when they gave me/brain/you see/I'm the f**king king of the industry/when its down to me/its up to you/I'll slay all gays, women, hos, cept for hotties/with them, i just cut off there titties/put em in my collection/oh my god what an erection!/so I sex them/flexxin/my body/on these hotties/with the juicy/plump titties

[Hopsin]Go die/get high/why would I/care about your life/your a peasant/i'm the king/of rap/and I don't give a sh**/bout what you think/whats chill, slink?/nothing man/on the brink/bout to suicide like taliban/cuz I'm hyped hyped hyped/n**** i be hyped hyped hyped


[Eminem]We come and go/you never know/it blows/"Where do we go, bro?/do we, take the hard road/or touch kiddies like elmo?/NO!/i just touch your titties ho/b**ches crazy/but they don't phase me/even when they scream "No don't rape me!"/you touch my daughters/b**ch I'll spit comets like Hailey/cuz you all know her real daddy is Shady/Sometimes its f***ing crazy/the way we/are here once/the next we leave/what do you need from me?/Please!/God I'm just a human being/but I'm seeing ehm all come and go/like headlights on the highway

[Elton John - Chorus]So, count the headlights on the highway/we could all die today (2x)

[Macklemore]I'm Irish/but I'm the flyest/I'm a cold a** honkey/but sh*t I ain't dying/we come and go/you never know/next could be me or your big bro/repped Ireland since the day I was born/succesful white rapper/sh*t we need some more/cuz/im/up in this/whore/and when I come around/its more than gore/its war/p**sy/thats whats tore/now I'm not here to f***ing bore/but just listen to our lore/or your gone like lenore/quoth the raven never f***ing more

[Elton John - Chorus]So, count the headlights on the highway/we could all die today (2x)

[Hopsin]I'm black/so what?/does that mean I'm gonna die?/I might be fly/but these n***** don't steal from this guy/sometimes when I'm pissed/I/slit my wrist?/No/ b**ch/I just deal with it/another food stamp meal with it?/another illuminati feel to this/am I just a prick?/or do I get what I'm poking at/I'm slaying these f*gs/no no/you got it wrong/they aren't f*gs in the gay way/they are f*gs cuz they don't got no A-Game/so maybe you should stop hitting the bong/you shorten your life/now, sit back/relax/and absorb this song

[Elton John - Chorus]So, count the headlights on the highway/we could all die today (6x)

Back on Top

Slim Shady meets Hopsin

[Dr.Dre]I made Dre Day/I buy AKs/Till the day/they say/oh great/nother life wasted/I was just tryna make it/R I P/Eazy/E/Can't spell N***** with attitude/without you/and when a notha n**** tryna byte I sew/do it for you/its the sequel to Dre Day/Chronic 2/(exhale)/but who/would do/what we came to do/came to save the rap game in the name of you/now I'ma hand it off to the next two/to finish of the thing I was bout to do/but who?/brought rap out of the shadows/Em, Snoop, 50, who they call they masters/I'm bout to get battered/but first I'll introduce/Slim to this a**hole/Slim this is Hop

[Eminem as Slim Shady]Hop/first off if you mess you'll get dropped/Right Dre?/(Dr Dre: uhuh)/Next, if you want in my crew/you got to get trashed/smoke cra*k/smoke a pound of fat grass/let us kick your ass/till mary/jew/wana/leaks out your crack/and that leaks out your a**/also, don't say phat/I know your black/but it just sounds whack/your gonna come and help us bury the mother of my daughter/who needs her father/tryna save her?/don't bother/I already killed that b**ch/like this:/slit each wrist/cut off her cl*toris/tittyf**ked her tits/and than made her choke on my d**k that B**ch


[Hopsin]Why don't Lil Wayne/get brain/from T-Pain/while he sucks Drake?/Drakes tryna jerk/can't keep it up, an entire bag of Viagra won't work/Nicki's tryna make her a** twerk/ she should take the stomach fat off her a**, and go back to being a fat flirt/I'll squeeze her plump t*ts/with my d**k up in her shirt/till that fake mofo sq**rts/I may sound like a jerk/but I hate young money/thats what I exert

[Lil' Kim] How you think she got her style/her sound/her career/I've been here for a while/I'm the original Pink P**sy B**ch/while shes the equivilant to a vaginal itch/and her crew is composed of snitch/es/em, who he with now/I own 8 mile/and PayPal/she the stupid ho/we all know/fake style/fake t*ts/Fake smile/plenty of wigs/b**ch/While I've f***ed Big/and Hopsin/the only d**k she got is Waynes one inch/and Drakes honkey a** d**k/so why don't she come and suck my d**k in her face

[Eminem - Chorus] All the sh*t I hate/All the sh*t I hate/ Ain't nothing compared to you/chika chika chika chika chika/Hatred/Ain't nothing compared to you/chika chika chika chika chika/Hatred

[Eminem]I hate hos/I pack bowls/till inside/my mind/it blurs/it stirs up/extend my knee out/hope you got a f***ing cup/your a Louisianimal/an unsmooth criminal/my messages are subliminal/my rhymes are multisyllable/all my tracks are downloadable/so b**ch if your hole ain't full/yes I got a load to blow/yes I got my trojans ho/yes hopsins f***ing this ho/no  we do not pack the bowls/or blow smoke/this ain't no joke/waynes sheets wetter than her pantyhose/I'll sing the chorus as it goes

[Eminem - Chorus] All the sh*t I hate/All the sh*t I hate/ Ain't nothing compared to you/chika chika chika chika chika/Hatred/Ain't nothing compared to you/chika chika chika chika chika/Hatred

[Hopsin]I'm finna/the winner/your tunechi/yes your stupid/just like the n**** listening to your music/just to prove it/lets rap battle/I'll be the arrow/you can be the head that holds the apple/(Backround Lady:Oh sh*t he missed)/oops my bad I just impaled your cl**oris/b**ch I get it stackin like bacon/(Backround Office:Dispatch, we have a crime in the making)/and we all know when you f**k they gonna fake it/you don't get it stiff/unless your licking d*ck/b**ch


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