Ya' know what, you're a dick,

You're like a mother-fucking tick,

Your lifestyle makes me sick

So keep on being a prick

Pretty soon these fools will understand

That you are just a bitching cock

Your stereotypical jock

Bully new kids on the block

Who have braces but will have a job someday

While your doin' pot in yo mama's basement

Wishin' things were the way

That they are today

But pop-lar-ty will mean nothing in ten years

Because the kids that you called "queer"

Will be married and slaphappy

Because they got good grades

And never cared about swag

Never boasted or bragged

Because all those kids that are bullied

Outcasted because of you,

Have always had something else to do

Than sit around and make fun

Of people who are smart

Worked hard at getting somewhere

While you were throwin' darts

And getting sluts to fetch you sandwitches

While you did nothing at all

Got everything handed to you

Just cause you played football

And was not a virgin hitting the age of thirteen

Gave kids wedgies and punches just to be mean

How proud your parents must of been

Of this weed-smoking brat

They had to call their son

"Screw good grades" you said

And you went out and had some fun

And now I'm sitting here writing this in my

Billionaire corporation

While you are living in a box

Right next to the bus station

Never was the king of the nation

Not the king of school, not the king of cool

Got by high school not giving a single fuck

Or thinking that you ruled

Because you drool

Now I win awards

For rapping to you, fag

While the only awards you get

Are for "King of Douchebags"

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