The history of the American/Canadian music industry will not be completed without the chapter of Prince Daniel, known as Icekid. Prince was born in Nigeria,ibom st in 1992.If achievements are one of the yard sticks to measure the success of artiste, Prince will remain number one on the chart of all research artiste. He has defied the odds, we
athered the storm and re-written the history of the Canadian music industry; He had also proven that there are always differences between artists and musicians. Okon, Prince remains one of the most popular Canadian artiste all around the globe. It is generally concluded that this Young Artiste Prince Daniel Emmanuel Okon remains one of the greatest symbols of the Canadian entertainment industry alongside legendary hip hop/R&B/Rap beat icon p square, 2face, 9ice, dank, and wiz kid.

Setting record and re-written history is what the duo of Prince Daniel Emmanuel Okon popularly known as Prince are recognized for. He is goal getters and pace setters in the music industry in Canadian. Prince remains the only artiste that scores platinum with all His past Hit singles including the latest single Dream girl. The singles which were released on the 18th of October 2011, was recorded to have sold one million copies in 16 Weeks after its release. Prince's entry into the Music Industry started during his school days at cavalier-de-LaSalle hire School.

Prince. The duo began His music and entertainment career miming and dancing in various shows and church events in Jos, Uyo State, Nigeria where He Was growing up. In 2006, while at the High School of cavalier de la salle in Canada, at a talent show competition he won the "Golden Tones - up & Coming Band" competition with the track "Dream girl" from his debut production. This quickly shot him into prominence and his smooth Rap/R&B voice blend and modern African hip-hop beat ensured that songs such as "I need You" AND " Dream Girl" took the airwaves and dance halls by storm. Prince has fully established Himslef as a leading R&B/Hip-Hop on the American continent. Prince current Dream girl, has followed up the success of his first "Hit single" and will win many awards home and abroad.

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