What are type beats? Type beats are instrumentals that have been catered to a specific artist. For example if you go on youtube and type in “type beat” pretty much every artist will come up. From Chief Keef type beat, Young Thug Type Beat, Future type beat, Drake type beat to Clams Casino type beat. You can pretty much search any artist and their type beat will pop up.

Now why has it become so popular to make type beats. Well from an artists perspective its easier to find the type of beat you are looking for when searching for beats or instrumentals for new projects such as mixtapes, singles and albums. And where there is so much producers online it would be a pain to go through all these producers and now find what you’re looking for. As it as happened in the past with loads of up and coming artists, rappers and musicians.

So producers have come to a conclusion that it would be much easier to make beats or instrumentals in the style of an artist and label it “artist name” type beat. So that when new artists are looking for drake type beats, chief keef type beats, future type beats etc. It will be easy to located them via sites like youtube, google and wherever rappers look for beats or hip hop instrumentals these day.

Lets take UK producer and beat maker Jay Stacks as an example. If you check out this youtube channel (Jay Stacks Beats). You will see that he caters his beats to various artists such as; Drake Type Beat, Future Type Beat, Tory Lanez Type Beat, Chief Keef Type Beat and various more.

Jay Stacks has noted that since he has been using the type beat technique. He has experience more views, sales and fans as he has become easier to find via youtube according to his fans and various customers. However he does note that its better to cater to 5 to 10 type beat artists than trying to do all type beat artists as you will only be seen as an average producer for all those artists. When its better to be a go to producer for 5 to 10 type beat artists. I hope the last part makes sense.

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In my opinion type beats is the easier way for a rapper or musician to connect to a producer. All the rapper has to say is “do you have any drake type beats?” and all the producer would have to reply is simply yes or no. I honestly think its a good time saving approach when looking for beats or instrumentals. It cuts out all the unnecessary inquiries some artists or rappers seem to request or search for when they’re looking for a specific type of beat.

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