Top 6 Gang began as a small rap group in Lake Worth and thrived until it became one of the most criminally successful and brutal gangs in South Florida. Top 6 has grown to include about 350 members who control at least 10 predominantly Haitian or Haitian-American neighborhood-based gangs in Lake Worth, Riviera Beach, West Palm Beach, Lantana and Boynton Beach. The gang has also spread to Miami, Orlando and Tallahassee. Top 6 has been linked to some of the counties most violent crimes, like the killing of Berno Charlemond, 24, shot to death at the Boynton Beach Mall on Christmas Eve 2006, and a March 2007 backyard massacre in which three men were killed and four others critically wounded in the rear of a Lake Worth home. Lake Worth...Home of the Pimps and the Money makers.

I was actually there to pick up some presents for my childrens and we heard a loud bang near by. It was followed by screaming and crying and another bang. My wife and I had no idea what was going on until a stampede of people were running at us and turned us right around. We later watched the news to find there had been a shooting in the mall. We currently live in Boynton Beach.

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