Muhamed Ayad (born February 19, 1983, age 28), better known as Tony D or Tony Damager, is a Lebanese German rapper from Berlin. Tony D is currently signed to Sektenmuzik, but was originally signed to the record label Aggro Berlin before changing.


Ayad grew up in Berlin-Kreuzberg. At the age of ten he became interested in Hip hop music. His favorite artists included Cypress and Ice Cube. As "Drell One" he joined the crew called Berlin Crime, there he found his identity as "Tony D, the Damager". Ayad's hip hop style is similar to Lil' Jon's style. Through rap artist MOK he came in contact with Sido and B-Tight.

Tony D has released 3 albums, 1 mixtape collaboration, and 1 singles since the beginning of his career. He was featured on Sido's single "Beweg dein Arsch" in 2009 on Sido's album Ich und meine Maske.


  • 2005: Heiße Ware (Mixtape with B-Tight)
  • 2007: Totalschaden
    • 2007: "Totalschaden" (Totalschaden)
  • 2009: Für die Gegnaz
    • 2009: "Beweg dein Arsch" (Ich und meine Maske)
  • 2009: Die Sekte

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