Tonio beast shoot 2

Antonio Tyree White, better known by his stage name Tonio Beast, is a 16 year old writer/rap artist. Born in St. Louis, Missouri; the son of Joseph Lee Johnson and Esther White, and is of African-American Decent. 1 month before his birth, his father was killed during a robbery. He had moved around the St. Louis area with his mother and Brothers & Sisters. After several years of moving around he and his family settled in the Clinton Peabody Apartments. Although such a neighborhood marked with a violent reputation Tonio Beast still calls this neighborhood home. Enduring substantial obstacles throughout his young, yet remarkably dramatic, entrance into the rap game Tonio Beast is still maintaining as an Artist. Promoting his self and building his career via you tube and other social networks Tonio Beast has gained some exposure. Releasing several projects such as Mic N’ A Dream, Progression Of A Beast, 1995, and now working on “It‘s My Time” tonio beast has gained a lot of attention.

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