The Underground EP

The Underground EP is the first discography released by D12. The Underground EP was released on June 15, 1997 and features some of the original artists from the rap group: Eminem, Bizarre, Proof, Bugz, DJ Head (producer), Eye-KyuKuniva, and Kon Artis. The Underground EP featured 10 tracks, and in some cases was called a "mixtape".

Track listingEdit

  • 01. 6 Reasons
  • 02. Art Of War
  • 03. Derelict Theme
  • 04. Chance To Advance
  • 05. Activity As Phuctivity
  • 06. Filthy
  • 07. Fuck Battlin'
  • 08. Cock And Squeeze
  • 09. Bring Our Boys
  • 10. Bad News


  • The image was scanned and the track listing comes from various Google links.

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