The Shadowz is a rap group from Williamstown, New Jersey consisting of 3 rappers, best known for their time signed to Renegades Music Group.

Formation Edit

On Thursday September 4, 2014; Rapper Jay Farr was nearing the conclusion of signing rapper Zlim Jim to Renegades Music Group, however Jay Farr did not have full support from the rest of the label and therefore could not sign him. Then Jay had an idea, to form a rap group of himself, Zlim Jim & fellow rapper on RMG, CP and then RMG will have signed Zlim Jim, without gambling on his career.

Jay Farr was texting Zlim Jim about the idea then he asked CP if he would want to join too, and he said yes. Later they all agreed upon the name "The Shadowz". About a week after, Jay recruited fellow RMG rapper Racoonboy to join the group. Then not long after CP parted ways with The Shadowz.

Debut Mixtape Edit

On November 6, 2014 Shadowz rapper & producer, Jay Farr confirmed "yes, The Shadowz will have a debut mixtape out soon for the public to get a taste of us". In addition to the mixtape, Jay said he will most likely release a few "demo" songs, so you can listen to The Shadowz before they release the mixtape, and to help build hype for the mixtape. As of January 20, 2015 Jay Farr confirmed the group is no longer working together, and will not be releasing anything any time soon.

Members Edit

Jay Farr


Zlim Jim

Discography Edit

Nothing has been released by the group yet.

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