The End Of The Beginning is the first studio album by Australian rapper B-Nasty. The album is set for release on November, 2016, by the label Dough Related Productions. The album title was first reported from a post on Facebook.

Release and promotion Edit

B-Nasty released the track, titled "Stunt Like Me" on January 30, 2016, as the lead single from The End Of The Beginning

Track Listing Edit

No. Title Producer(s) Length
1 "Stunt Like Me" Davincibeats 3:30
2 "Ambition" Omito Beats -
3 "No" (featuring Denairo) Penacho Beats -
4 "Top Floor" (featuring Tisun Awoken) Xavior Jordan 2:49
5 "New Shit" (skit) -
6 "Fresh" (featuring Universal) Danny E.B Tracks 2:34
7 "No Time" (featuring Sirpit and Last Trace) FlipTunesMusic -
8 "Down" (featuring Breezy) Omito Beats -
9 "Strip Club" (featuring Skopn) N-Soul -
10 "Studio" (skit) -
11 "Ayo" (featuring Bangs, Breezy and EZU) Xavior Jordan -
12 "This Life" (featuring Esha) Omito Beats -
13 "4AM" (featuring Gerald Walker) TheMajikMann -
14 "Now You Know" Divine Beats -
15 "On One" (featuring LC Mckenzie and S.P.L) FlipTunesMusic -
16 "How Long" (featuring DaveWave) THAIBEATS -
17 "Victory" DvineBeats -

References Edit

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  2. iTunes - Music - Stunt Like Me - Single by B-Nasty Retrieved 2016-04-15
Studio albums The End Of The Beginning
EPs The Beginning EP
Singles "300C" "Stunt Like Me" "Top Floor" "Fresh"
Featured singles "WE ARE WA" "Choppa"

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