The Beginning EP is the debut studio mixtape by Australian hip hop recording artist, songwriter, record producer and entrepreneur B-Nasty. It was released in 2012. The production on this album was handled by Erban Terra.

Single Edit

The mixtape's single, "300C" was released in 2012. The song was produced by Erban Terra.

Track Listing Edit

No. Title Producer(s) Length
1 Clique Erban Terra 4:52
2 Crunch TIme Erban Terra 2:26
3 Stacks Erban Terra 4:21
4 300C Erban Terra 2:52
5 Put It Down Perth City Erban Terra 3:27
6 Kicks Erban Terra 3:27

References Edit

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  2. iTunes - Music - 300C - Single by B-Nasty Retrieved 2016-04-14
Studio albums The End Of The Beginning
EPs The Beginning EP
Singles "300C" "Stunt Like Me" "Top Floor" "Fresh"
Featured singles "WE ARE WA" "Choppa"

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