Panagiotis Stravalexis (Template:Lang-el) (born 28 September,better known by his stage names Tymvorychos, Paidi Thavma and Taki Tsan, is a Greek Hip hop producer, tattoo artist and most notably, a rapper. A prominent figure in Greek hip hop, he is the leader of the group Zontanoi Nekroi. He has produced most of his albums, along with his older brother DJ ALX.

In 1999, he released his critically acclaimed debut solo under his alter-ego Paidi Thavma, Rima Gia Chrima. Apart from that, Taki Tsan was also a founding member of the rap group Tigre Sporakia, which consisted of him and Eisvoleas.


Solo albumsEdit

  • 1999:Rima gia Chrima, Echokratoria / FM Records
  • 2005:Taki Tsan Mixtape Vol.1, Taki Tsan's own production
  • 2006:Sto Mialo tou Panagioti Stravalexi, EchoSpira / FM Records
  • 2009:Rima gia Chrima 2 Echokratoria / 33 1/3 Entertainment

With Zontanoi NekroiEdit

With Tigre SporakiaEdit

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