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Swift, also known as "Swifty McVay"

Swift (born as Ondre Moore on March 17, 1974) is a rapper from Detroit, Michigan and a member of D12. In 1995 to 1996 Swift was in another Detroit rap group called "Da Rabeez" which later disbanded after he left to work with D12. Swift has appeared on all D12 albums. More recently Swifty has produced and even apperred in pornography. As of 2013 Swifty is the first openly bisexual rapper and has even confuessed and confirmed about kissing Marshall Mathers while both under the influence of drugs.



  • Forest Fyres (Rabid) (2006)
  • Underestimated Vol. 1 (2008)
  • Assassains (2012)
  • Retro Hip-Hop (2013)
  • Poetic Poltergeist (2014)


  • The Underground EP with D12 (1997)
  • Devil's Night with D12 (2001)
  • Limited Edition Mixtape: Please Bootleg This Album with D12 (2004)
  • D12 World with D12 (2004)
  • Return of the Dozen with D12 (Mixtape, 2008)
  • Return of the Dozen Pt. 2 with D12 (Mixtape, 2011)

As featured artistEdit

  • 2000: "Under the Influence" Eminem feat. D12
  • 2001: "Outro" Obie Trice feat. D12
  • 2002: "When The Music Stops" Eminem feat. D12
  • 2005: "Pimplikeness" Proof feat. D12
  • 2005: "Sammy da Bull" Proof feat. Nate Dogg and Swift

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