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the cover of "whosstatic" mixtape

Kody Chase Andrade (better known by the stage name st@ic -static- ) was born April 24th 1990 in san manuel, AZ. In 1999 he was exposed to rap/hip-hop music from a friend, and immediately fell in love. In 2004 while going through a hard time he realized that he could put together words and express his emotions through writing, too shy to let anyone know he kept all the writings hidden. Early 2006 him and a group of his friends created "mckaters" as a joke to make fun of a friend they once had, this was the first time he had started to record. A beef had started between st@ic and a few classmated which would eventually lead to the realease of his first song "Welcome To My Show" by the alias Mr Dewman, later to release an EP called "I Stay Hip Hop: the EP" in 2006. getting rid of the fued and laying low for a year and a half recording here and there st@ic decided to put out another mixtape in early 2008 he released "Music (equals) Life 08" and pushed it digitally through myspace, with semi success from that he decided to get on his grind and with a few new features and an official name change he released "Just Another Rap Album" in early 2010 and got a little more of a buzz. After working on many other projects and meeting new people he decided hed do a collab mixtape with Tony Magi of TwoOfAKind and they called it "Behind These Bars", still hard at work st@ic created "whosstatic" a new gimick that would allow more of a buzz, with that, plus the new artists st@ic met he was fully fledged into making "whosstatic" mixtape. With help from a few people he released "whosstatic" a 42 track mixtape with a lot of different features in early 2011. st@ic alongside friend and rapper JSavage created OnlyUp Records and they are both working on solo projects as well a collab album for release later in the year. Now with a manager (Heather w/Primus Productions) and a lot more connects st@ic is hoping that with the help from others to be launched into mainstream success. st@ic is currently working on the mixtape "CapGuns & BrokenDreams" which is set to release anytime now.


"I Stay Hip Hop:the EP (2006)

"Music (equals) Life 08 (2008)

"Just Another Rap Album" (2010)

"Behind These Bars" w/Tony Magi (2010)

"whosstatic" (2011)

"CapGuns & BrokenDreams" (tba 2011)

for all downloads and news go here:

also, for all new songs go here:

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