Spice 1
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Background information
Birth name Robert L. Green Jr.
Also known as Fetty Chico
Black Bossalini
Mr. 187
Born 1970
Origin Hayward, California
Genre(s) Gangsta rap
Instrument(s) Rapping
Years active 1988 - present
Label(s) Real Talk
Associated acts MC Eiht
Jayo Felony
Too Short
Ant Banks

Spice 1 (born Robert L. Green, Jr. in Corsicana, Texas), is a West Coast rapper raised in Hayward, California, best known for his acclaimed self-titled album Spice 1. He has consistently been releasing solo and group albums since. Spice 1 was ranked number 56 in The Source magazine's Top 115 Hip-Hop Artists from 1988 - 2003. His self-titled debut was also listed in The Source's 100 Best Rap Albums.

Jive Records (1991-1999)Edit

He was first discovered by rapper Too $hort. His first album, Let It Be Known, was not well-known or widely released, and included seven old-school style tracks. His second album (contains the four more popular tracks from the previous EP, Let It Be Known), widely considered as his debut, was a very vivid and fatalistic Gangsta rap album, and his angry, edgy, and pessimistic rapping style and tone only added to the despair emanating from the disc. He followed it with an even more bitter and nihilistic release, 187 He Wrote in 1993, complete with simulated gunfire.

Spice 1 managed to release six albums under Jive records along with one greatest hits album under Jive as well. It was reported by Jive that he has an album called "Full Metal Jacket", which was suppose to release under Jive. However, Spice 1 stated in many interviews that this information was false. It was something Jive wanted to push him into releasing, but he never agreed to do so. Therefore, the album was never released and it is uncertain whether or not songs for this album were used for future albums or if any songs were even recorded for this project.

While Spice 1 was signed to Jive, three of his albums reached Gold status. According to the RIAA, these albums were Spice 1, 187 He Wrote and AmeriKKKa's Nightmare. He continued to have success on later albums as well, though he never managed receive further certificates for selling over 500,000. Despite this he never changed his image, continuing to retain a gangster image throughout his career on Jive Records. The biggest song in his career was "Nigga Gots No Heart" from the Menace II Society (soundtrack). However, at the same time he released "Trigga Gots No Heart", which also served as a first single for his album, fellow rap artist MC Eiht also had a hit single from the Soundtrack which took the number one spot called "Straight Up Menace". Leaving Spice 1 with the second best single off the soundtrack. After 8 years, Spice 1 released his last album with the label, The Immortalized. Though it received good reviews, it was not well promoted and didn't sell as expected. According to Spice 1, he left Jive Records because they wanted him to clean up his image.

Life after Jive (2000 - 2007)Edit

Spice's creative output has ballooned since his release from Jive. He has released more than 10 group and solo albums since.[1]He now resides in Lynnwood and rooms with Domino while recording for Kop & Flip Records.

Spice 1 was shot on the morning of December 3 2007 while sitting in his parents' driveway. The shooting is believed to be motivated by robbery, rather than any sort of rivalry.[2] Spice 1 is currently recovering at Eden Medical Center[3] and is expected to make a full recovery. Spice 1 talked about the shooting 6 days after it occurred from his hospital bed.[4]

Spice 1 recently defended Ice-T in his feud with Soulja Boy Tell 'Em.[5]

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