Soul Intent

Soul Intent was a rap group from Detroit, Michigan. It formed in 1990 and disbanded around 1997. Soul Intent consisted of rappers Chaos Kid, DJ Buttafingaz, Eminem, and Proof. The group was originally known as Bassmint Productions in in the early 1990's but was later renamed to Soul Intent.


  • Steppin' Onto The Scene as Bassmint Productions (1990)
  • Bassmint Produtions as Bassmint Productions (1990)
  • Soul Intent as Bassmint Produtions (1990)
  • Most Sukerish as Bassmint Productions (1990)
  • Unknown Tape as Bassmint Productions (1990)
  • Bassmint '91 as Bassmint Productions (1991)
  • Still In The Bassmint (1992)
  • Fuckin' Backstabber (1995)


  • "Fuckin' Backstabber" (1995)
  • "Biterphobia" (1995)

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