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They Skyelab logo is notable for looking similar to the Skype logo

Skyelab Productions is a record label founded in 2004 by Nazo and his older brother Dee Red.

  Skyelab  Productions
Founders Nazo, Dee Red
Founded November 13, 2004
Closed April 8, 2009
Location Miami, Floria
Genres Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop


Upon listening to Eminem's album Encore and failed attempts to get signed to Def Jam Recordings, Nazo and Dee wanted to make a record label of their own so they dont have to worry about getting their music rejected. Nazo had decied to name it Skyelab Productions, which everyone liked. They had soon started recording songs and had signed family members and friends.

Shutdown and possible revivalEdit

Skyelab closed in 2009 for unknown reasons. Though in a interview Nazo said that Skyelab may be re-launched.

Interview QuotesEdit

Dan - "Damn man. You had Skyelab going for nearly 5 years ! what made you shutdown ?"

Nazo - "Well, the other artists and I werent really co-operating with eachother, so I closed Skyelab."

Dan - "Are you gonna bring it back ?"

Nazo - "Well. alot of people liked Skyelab and Im sure it'll make those people happy if I brought it back. So. Yeah Skyelab will be back. But Im not sure when."

Dan - "We hope its soon !." 


  • Nazo
  • Dee Red
  • Tiny T.
  • Motta
  • Lil G
  • Just-in
  • Money-game
  • Monopoly


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