Six One Third

Based out of Draper, SixOneThird is a group that started in 2001.
in 2005 the rap crew was created, they are not known much and never will be, but they are known for having a feud with a artist in the city named G-Dup and some other people, they have like four songs up. And each year they release one song, so it's really a slow proccess, which means no success. But we don't aim for success, we rather rap about things we haven't done, we rap about things we see.
The rap crew is mostly just a underground group, they have announced on there myspace to release a mixtape sometime soon around summer 2013.

Group members are Fresh, Third

i told you i was dope, so you better hope you ain't my next target b1tch ass -- SixOneThird Myspace

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