BIOGRAPHY___ SilverBack (aliases "MTL’s 1 Ambassador" and "Street Scholar") is finally ready to launch his solo career and surprise the whole industry by demonstrating that the "Belle Province" too has it's own reality and swagger to introduce into the Rap Nation. Born in Montreal, Canada (Jan 21st 1987) this gifted lyricist was raised successively in the minority dominated localities of both NorthEast Montreal and St-Low to the WestSide before moving to the Chocolate City area (PG county/Washington D.C, USA) where he returned from 2 years ago. SilverBack who initially started as a Dj/Producer wrote his first tracks as a senior while attending bladensburg high school in Maryland. Its after the brutal murder of friend, rapper Manuel Morales (RIP) whose mixtape he was supose to help record and produce, that he started seing rap as his new way to express his thought on issues affecting his environment & as a mean to avoid a similarly sad destiny. His skills nevertheless didn't go unnoticed amongst his entourage and many were stunned by the fact that this young canadian could master the art of hip hop in such a manner while presenting a side of urban Canada that few knew abt in the states. Returning to Quebec after 4 yrs spent in the 301, SB joined force with some of the rare rappers in Montreal he thought had a chance to put Real-City on the map as far as english rap; a young MC then called Lil Fo (Feezy), a reggae artist known as Chaseman, upcoming rap sensation G-Mack and hip hop virtuoso Cali D to form the now infamous One Tyme Records Brand. At Age 21 after releasing several underground bangers on local mixtapes and radio shows, the street scholar is now releasing his 1st solo project titled "Whats Real Mont-Real?" with the help of CEO Feezy Fee and producers Robbin Hood and Major Mo. The streets of St-Low/Crackville which he labeled as the 64th area couldn't be happier and its time for the whole industry to find out why. With a knowledge and a talent for songwriting exceeding the norms, SilverBack will inevitably mark the game and represent Montreal and Canada as he always did but at the international level this time. Lets Do it One Tyme, Let's Do it Live Support The Real-City Hip Hop Movement!!! ONETYME.COM


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