Schokk (born Dylan Ginter December 11, 1980 in Bamberg) is hjjh

Early lifeEdit

Dima (better known as Schokk) was born on December 11, 1980 in Kazakhstan close to a city Actubinks. His mother was abusive towards Schokk and tried to drug him. His familly knew nothing about that untill he turned 3 years old. When his grand-parents came to take him away from his mother, she had left him. He lived with his grand-parents untill he was 16. After having a gone to jail for an assault on a police officer, him and his father had a large argument when Schokk decided to move to Germany. He never listened russian hip hop nor rap. One day driving with a friend he heard Zarj and 1 Klas on a local radiom he started to write rap in german. After coming across Zarj he asked him to do a shoutout, when Zarj heard his tracks he offered him to write in russian. They started to talk to eachother some time in year 2000. Since then they have been working together.


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