Sa Isa Ka Piso (Just for one Pesos) is the first EP made by the rap group Pulbac Productions in 1997.


Sa isa ka piso (Just for one pesos) cover.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Diin Ka Man Subong? (Where are you now?) - 5:38
  2. Kolabong Brutal Pt. 1 (ft. Slice, XP44 and Koncept) - 4:48
  3. Okama (ft. Hermie and Erica) - 4:16
  4. Hyskul Dinungol (Highschool naughtiness) - 4:43
  5. Akon Ginapabugal (I'm liking it) - 5:07
  6. Kolabong Brutal Pt. 2 (ft. Slice, XP44 and Koncept) - 5:34
  7. Ay Araguy! (Ouch it hurts!) - 4:07
  8. Itot (Masturbate) (bonus) (ft. U.R., Dopestarr and E.O.B.) - 4:22


  • Diin Ka Man Subong - Johpong Pongyan, Liljun Jolo and Jay-r Vasquez
  • Kolabong Brutal Pt. 1 - Johpong Pongoyan, Kiyad Jochico, Koncept and Christian Arellano
  • Okama - Hermie, Barroca Gonzales, Johpong Pongoyan and Bunny Boy
  • Hyskul Dinungol - Johpong Pongoyan and Barroca Gonzales
  • Akon Ginapabugal - Jayjay Barroca and Johpong Pongoyan
  • Kolabong Brutal Pt. 2 - Liljun Jolo. Koncept, Johpong Pongoyan, Koncept, Kiyad Jochico and Christian Arellano
  • Ay Araguy - Barroca Gonzales, Johpong Pongoyan and Jay-r Vasquez

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