ST or 100 out of 100, despite its youth, has already taken its place in Russia's hip-hop culture and continues to move forward. Alexander Stepanov (ST) was born in Moscow. His passion for hip-hop began with a song 2Pac, which were originally songs for himself and friends. His first record he made in 2003 as part of rap group, which lasted quite a long time. Simultaneously with the work in the ST group began to learn the basics of recitative and flow. In 2006, his work attracted the attention of Serge, head of the label King Ring, who immediately offered assistance in ST recording a solo album and a contract with King Ring. By the time his solo material has already attracted enough attention and time to talk about it. Further more, and so ST is a welcome guest in the best clubs of Moscow (B-Club, HEAT, R & B café, Black October DJ Bar, Diamond Hall, Bar Fly), participation in public events, performance at the music awards: Festival "grinder" Poklonnaya Gora, a joint statement with Sergey on the RMA and the Golden Gramophone and tours, arranged first in Russia hip-hop Agency Phlatline, which ST has already managed to travel the floor in Russia. The main news was the departure from the label ST King Ring, as he says he "won only one who knows how to wait." And now in the editing studio director Ivan Fist is the video for the song "BEEF", which soon will be seen in the rotation, TV, and, of course, boils work release a solo album, which will soon arrive at the counters of record stores. Enough time, in addition to his creativity ST dedicated work of the IPU in a club project Phlatline in the very successful and discuss Hip-Hop & R'n'B club - the heat. Needless to say, that the fair sex are crazy and lose their senses at the sight of a tall, blue-eyed handsome man with a microphone in his hand. Y ST army of fans and everyone who has ever seen his work on stage, did not remain indifferent, soaking energy, which he gives the public in the hall. Not surprisingly, he's accustomed to doing everything in the hundred of hundred!


  • In 2008 he participated in the MTV's "Battle for Respect", where he took the second place.
  • ST decrypts himself as SainT (Holy).
  • He lives on Kutuzov Avenue (Moscow).
  • ST born in one day with Guf (September 28), but Guf is older over nine years.
  • ST preparing a second solo album, which is now at the stage of information.

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