1985,Due to health complications, a pregnant mother absolutely had to fly from Haiti to the United states of America in order to give birth to her first and only birth child.Family recieved her in their homes of Chicago Illinois, Where on July 7th, Regie Marvelous was born.Ounce she delivered the infant and her visa was expired they then return back to haiti.After a few years the She left her sons father in haiti to come live to Montreal, Canada looking for a better life.The begining was ruff. Growing up as a city boy in the Cote-des-Neiges area where drug dealers and crack addicts ruled, Marvelous was soon fascinated by the crime life. BUt there was a first passion that kept him away from trubble for a while. Contrarely to what you may think,it was Rap Music. Performing songs as Gangstas paradise since the age of 9 to spitting hot fire at 13 on the Stage of his high school with with Montreal French rap heavy hitters back then, Rainmen.But ounce high school was dun, there wasnt much to do but to go to college or get a lousy 9 to 5.He decided to persue his Music dreams with the MegaGroup D-cratz, Along with his High School mates V.I.P. and Beazy and the fresh affiliaton with members Young Payn AKA Mo black and GEnocide the colombian Magician.GEno was a great artist and and amazing Sound Engineer.The Clique was gettin Radio plays and blazin up local concerts and even puttin out the Criticaly acclaimed Mixtape, Street alert Vol.1 where Regie Gave you Underground hits like Yayo, High all the time and Gangsta love. He was Known on the Rap scene as Cashtro or Kaztro.But in his hood he remained Marv...Regie Marvelous.After A few differences and fake promises from fake managers, the group went their seperate ways.Regie Got deeper in the streets puttin his music aside.A close call to Jail, made him take the descision to begin a career in Architectural design. But his passion for music and sarrow of a regular life drew him back to the mic but also back to the block.He's now back with a sizzling Mixtape including old joints from the D cratz days and radio bangers such as Come better than that.The project as been put on hold for a very long time and has left the streets feaning like junkies in a drought.The highly anticipated mixtape Don't get mad get Money should be hitting a corner near you in early september to take you back to school.Look out for the whole Balla G spitters, The Frenchise, Blazzy Jones and the melow chorus killa Baby boy.Can't forget the whole 160 bang bang Propane, Gramz weight Hight Lights and the young buck and lethal weapon Flawless.


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