First of all, Red Dice is a Beatmaker and he is also a rapper. He became a part of this mouvement since the last grade of Elementary when he discovered Fruity Loops because of his Brother Nfo. He was watching him and his friends making beats and he was trying to copy what they was doing but he wasn't able so he started with Crappy beats. Then, he was able to make a rap beat without a good melody so his brother showed him how to put samples and etc. He started to use samples and the more he was making beats, the more he was getting familliar with the Softwares so he was editing samples and etc. He was a computer fiend since elementary and he also learned some new stuffs at college on computers because he is now studying in Graphism. After a while, he became great with the beats and then he decided to rap. His rapping style was very similar to alot of other artists so his brother Nfo decided to show him some rap techniques. He already had skillz but like everybody, with some new techniques, he was getting better. Then, Red Dice decided to rap about reality but because of the rap scene in Montreal, he couldn't be heard because alot of Rappers in Montreal rather talk about the same subjects : Money, Cars, Clothes, Drugs.... And that is what people wanna hear now a days for an unknown reason. So, Red Dice decided to provoke rappers with his skillz because he understood that it was the only way that he could be heard, and now that he is getting known, he will rap about positive things that will make the people think and realise some things in life with his group called The Red Blockz Cartel. Red Dice was born in St-laurent, then he moved to Ahuntsic, then he grew up in Montreal-North, a neighborhood where a lot of gangs remain. He was very influencable and around the ages of 15/16, he started to do stupid stuffs because of his entourage but like it or not, we all make mistakes, and when he realised that it wasn't his type, he stopped hangin' with dudes who doesn't have a bright future and he continued his life in the good direction. He shows respect too all the GOOD rappers and Beatmakers in montreal. He's a new member of the group named Red Blockz Cartel. He first was in the Cerebral Records but now he's in the Major Sound Intelligence Records. Big shout out to Tango Fox. Right now, he is working on a mixtape of his productions..


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