Red Blockz Cartel is from Laval/Montreal. They are sign on Cerebral Records.




The "hard-body" team was formed in the "Red Blockz" neighborhood back in 2005. "Red Blockz" is a housing project in the Ahuntsic, Montreal area. Chaotik, born in 1986, also known as "The Royal Mint" or "The Head Honcho" was raised on the corrupted streets of Montreal-North.Being the founder of the group as well as the "lead", he carries much weight on his shoulders to ensure the growth of his team. YG, born in 1987, also known as "Vagabon" or "Master Microphone" was raised in the "Red Blockz" neighborhood.This "hood" appears to be under heavy police surveillance, due to various tenant complaints with alleged false drug trafficking accusations.As YG was brought up in these surroundings he grew attached to the "street" life and developed his strong character wiith his "no-play" attitude.Being the "Enforcer" of the team he is Chaotik's "Right-Hand Man" and the heart of the team's "Hard-Body" image. Lo Key, born in 1988, also known as "J Boss" or "Damn I Got Swag" was also raised in the "Red Blockz" neighborhood.Being brought up in this area definitely taught Lo Key about survival of the fittest and how to "hustle" to get by.With the a.k.a "Damn I Got Swag", he has to live up to his name and does with the arrogant "cocky" attitude he gives out on the mic. As the group's "Spotlight", Lo Key is definitely a key element to the success of the team. Born and raised on the streets of Montreal the team hooked up at a young age and began making moves on the block. With Chaotik & YG having frequent run-ins with the law, they have seemed to develop respect amongst many in their city as well as high credibility.The objective is to get rich and take over the game!!


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