Racoonboy is an American rapper from New Jersey, who is currently signed to Renegades Music Group.

First Endeavour (2014) Edit

B da Bull was always into rap music, but he never thought of a career in the music industry.  His friend, Maxx Ca$h had formed a record label, V Slash Records, so he wanted to give rapping a try.  After talking about it for about 2 months, Maxx Ca$h finally invited B da Bull into the studio to feature on a track which is set to appear inV Slash Records 2nd compilation mixtape.  After being impressed by B da Bull's skill Maxx Ca$h signed him to V Slash Records!  B da Bull has not yet released any information regarding solo work, but he is set to be quite active with features (especially with Maxx Ca$h) and compilation mixtape appearances.

Revival of Rap (2014) Edit

B da Bull recorded a song with Maxx Ca$h before he was signed to V Slash Records , but he is rumored to be working on more songs for the V Slash Revival of Rap compilation mixtape.  Also, Maxx Ca$h said it would "not be unlikely for B da Bull to have a solo mixtape some time in the future", as Maxx Ca$h is thoroughly impressed in B da Bull.

Name Change Edit

During this, B da Bull changed his name to Racoonboy.

Discography Edit

Collaboration Mixtapes: Edit

  • Revival Of Rap (2014) (with Renegades Music Group)

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