Clockwise from top left: DJ Lord, Thr S1W, Professor Griff, Flavor Flav and Chuck D.

Public Enemy 
are a hip hop group originating in Long Island, New York, a prominent group from the label Def Jam from the 80s. The group is well known for their excessive sampling and their political messages.


The group began as Chuck D and "Spectrum City".




Back Row: S1W with Terminator X in the middle. Front Row: Flavor Flav, Chuck D and Professor Griff.

 *Chuck D- MC and founder, he

  • Flavor Flav- Hype Man and founding member, he provides comic-relief for the group. He wears clocks around his neck. Sometimes he wears a regular baseball cap but usually he wears a top-hat, or in recent-times, a Viking Helmet.
  • Terminator X- DJ, left 1999 to run an Ostritch farm. Termintor X Speaks With His Hands. Sometimes he wears dark futuristic sunglasses to further push his image.
  • DJ Lord- DJ, replaced Terminator X
  • Professor Griff- MC, he's a former member of the US military, he is leader of the SW1. The anti-black American media quote-mined him (taking phrases out of context to change their meaning), making people think he was anti-semitic. In 1992, Chuck D was forced to fire him. Professor Griff as since returned to being a full-time member. Being a military man, he was very disciplined and the complete opposite of what Flavor Flav was and there would be clashes between them.

Security of the First World (S1W)Edit

Dressing in military uniforms and carrying firearms on stage, they were the groups own security force, on stage they would peform a loose combination of martial arts, military drill and "step show" dances lifted from black college fraternities, the group consists of:

The Bomb SquadEdit

A production team who worked with Public Enemy

  • Hank Shocklee-  Producer and DJ
  • Keith Shocklee- Producer and DJ, brother of Hank Shocklee
  • Chuck D
  • Eric "Vietnam Sadler)
  • Gary G-Wiz



Coined "Music's Worst Nightmare", the Bomb Squad usually sampled several tracks, combining various drum beats together. According to Hank Shocklee in a documentary, they would be make noise with tracks played on top of one another with multiple turn tables and other equipment, they eventually would find moments that sound right and loop them for the basis of their new songs.







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