Prep is a professional battle rapper from Baltimore, Maryland. His movement to shift the game toward a more GQ friendly style is just the beginning. Prep’s focus is not just aimed at his wardrobe, he also sees himself as part of a new crop of emcees that are implanting lyrical content back in the veins of battling and forcing the established stars to step their pen game up.

Prep took a huge step in his career when he recently competed againstJohn John Da Don at URL’s Rookies Vs Vets card. The DMV native believes he – along with T-Top, Brizz Rawsteen, Chess, Th3 Saga, Mr. Wavy, & Sno – proved the rooks deserved to stand on the same grounds as the vets.

Leagues Competed In

Pit Fights, We Go Hard, URL, BET

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