<p /> PreetytheRapper is a underground rapper on youtube which can be found here , He has over 20 songs made so far and 2 mixtapes called " the red man " and " relaxation " , He has so far done collaberations with Young Zee , Lil Enzo , Frosty Joc , and Rj da Joker. In November he joined Main Money Entertainment which has 5 people so far in the group. In December he made a group for other underground rappers called " Team Literate". He is now working on his 3rd mixtape called " literate " which is suppossed to be his best mixtape. He has been featured on sites like Yahoo, Digg, and Reddit. Preety the Rapper could eventually get somewhere if he keeps bringing everyone new songs and lyrics. His lyrics are very deep in some songs and in other songs not so much.

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