Phillip Green also known by his stage name Rock Green, was an American rapper from Milwaukee. He made his first recording at the age of 11 in the Bahamas Studio in the Hollywood Hills. His father was a wealthy entreprenuer and investor who currently owns half of California's income.

Early Life Edit

Green was born in Milwaukee. His mother was a teacher who later died in a car wreck and his father is a entrepreneur who lives in California. Many people bullied him and at the age of 10, he was stabbed by another student which led to a lawsuit.

Death Edit

Background Edit

Phillip and producer Mike Jey had a fight that broke out when Phillip told Mike he was a "ape lookin nigger" in the studio. Phillip was injured and broke an arm and Mike was cut

The Main Killing Edit

On January 3th, 1992, at the Salmon City Mall in Los Angeles, Green was sitting at a table where he was eating food. five minutes in when sitting, an unknown person shoots Green four times hitting him the head. . He died immediately

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