Pat Stay is a battle rapper who was heavily criticized for attacking rappers below the belt, although he did say once that he retired from battle rapping, he's been back in the ring several times since to prove his superiority, against Head ICE, Shotty Horroh and Math Hoffa on January 26th's Blackout 3.
Pat took a brief break from rap to help pen his new wife Natt Stay's debut album. That's Natt stay with two T's. This propelled the lovebird couple into battle rap royalty with Natt Stay taking on challengers like Queen Latifah, Kreaysawhn, and eventually her long time rival Iggy Azalea. Having went 0-3 in these battles, Pat eventually left Natt for his current wife with whom he has a beauitful baby boy.
Natt went on to enjoy a career at Yelp, although in no regard was she considered an Assistant General Manager.