Southern Underground Rap Artist.

Rap Artist Paco - Tennessee White Rapper, first Lp full length release 2005 "Paco Chapter 1" Second Lp full length release 2008 "Paco Chapter 2" gained a worldwide access distribution deal with a worldwide audience. While remaining underground this Artist is climbing the corporate latter "flying underneath the radar" with deals including: Amazon, iTunes, Yahoo, Google, etc... Some of todays major music outlets. Digitally this artist is found anywhere online. Mobil apps & devices such as Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobil, Boost, etc... Are all buying into his material & marketing strategy for broadening Rap & Hip Hop in todays mainstream. Radio air waves have yet to hear Rap Artist Paco. Although it shouldn't be long before Rap Artist Paco reaches the masses with an already built capital fan base of 10,000+ fans supporting incredible album sales reaching nearly 100,000+ albums sold. 40,000 sold within 4 months of his first release. This Artist is definitely making an entrance. Music Charts including the Music Billboards have already taken a notice on his success rate but have yet to chart. Early 2012 iHeart Radio trended into mainstream music air-play taking several "Underground Artist" with them including Rap Artist Paco.


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