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Outerspace is an underground hip hop duo from North Philadelphia. Originally a trio consisting of three Puerto Rican friends that then took the artist names Planetary, Jedeye and Crypt the Warchild. The founding member Mario Collazo (Planetary) was then attending 10th grade, while the other two, Richard Cruz (Jedeye) and Marcus Albaladejo (Crypt the Warchild), were in 8th grade.

Today the group consists only of two members, now known as Planetary and Crypt The Warchild. The group has gained local acclaim in their native Philadelphia, and are now expanding their fan base globally. They have been mentored by, and are consistently affiliated with Jedi Mind Tricks, with whom they collaborate frequently.  They are also members of the hip hop supergroup Army of the Pharaohs founded by Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks.



  • Lost in Space (2014)
  • TBA (with Brutal Music) (TBA)[1] 




  • Doap Nixon - Sour Diesel (2008)
  • Randam Luck - Conspiracy Of Silence (2008)
  • Revolution of the Mind - Honor In Sin (2010)
  • EQ - Out The Ash Tray Of L.A. (2010)
  • Doap Nixon - Gray Poupon (2011)
  • Doap Nixon - Doap Traffiking (The Rise And Fall of Darth Nixon) (2011)
  • DC The Midi Alien - East Coast Avengers Present: Avengers Airwaves (2011)
  • Sayedar - Lirikal Kaos (2013) 

==External links==

*Official Outerspace website 

*Official Babygrande website

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