Optimo 55 Souf, born as Kendrick Tyreese "Ken" Green on October 26, 1985 (age 25) is an American underground rapper from Chicago, Illinois who uses YouTube, which he joined on October 20, 2010. At age 16 he joined a rap group called 3rd World. He is well known for his single "I'm Gipper" and being featured in the video "Gangster gets hit by an ice cream truck" when during the filming for the original "I'm Gipper" video, Optimo 55 Souf was unexpectedly hit by an ice cream truck. Optimo 55 Souf remade the video for "I'm Gipper" on a "Web Redemption" on Comedy Central's Tosh.0.[1]

Television appearencesEdit

  • 2011: Comedy Central's Tosh.0 (Web Redemption)


  • 2011: Trill Recognize Trill (Mixtape)



External linksEdit

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