O'Bie 3 & Reney Performing Live13:59

O'Bie 3 & Reney Performing Live


Obie 3

Obie 3 is an American rapper from New Jersey. He is currently working with V Slash Records.

Beginnings (2011-2013)Edit

Obie 3 rapped frequently with fellow rapper MTP until for unknown reasons the two had a falling out.  Obie rapped at talent shows every year.

Signing With V Slash Records (2013)Edit

On October 7, 2013 Obie 3 signed a contract with V Slash Records, and joined as an artist.

Wave 1 (2014)Edit

Obie 3 appeared on One track off of V Slash: Wave 1.  It was titled "Good Evening (Remix)".

Hiatus & The Project EP (2014)Edit

After Wave 1, not much of Obie was seen, except for sporadic appearances on YouTube with remixes, and one original song.  It has however been released that Obie 3 is working on his debut mixtape "The Project EP".



  • 2014: The Project EP (To Be Released)


  • 2014: V Slash: Wave 1

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