Khevioso Frye, mainly known by his stage name Nazo (sometimes stylized as N∀ZO and NΛZO) is an Eurasian rapper,  producer, and founder of Legacy Records and Skyelab Productions.


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Nazo as of march 2014

Age 14
Othe names Nazo Nakamura, Nikita Huayra, M-134, クレイジー, 賢治
Born December 19, 2000 Miami, Florida
Total releases 10
Genre(s) Rap, Hip-Hop, Horrorcore R&B, Electric, Dub-Step
Occupation(s) Rapper, Record producer, DJ, CEO, Story-Writer, Book-Writer
Years active 2010 - present

Legacy Records, Elite Prods, Skyelab Productions

Associated acts

Continued success,Independent record label and Dj alter ego (2010 - 2012)Edit

Nazo was writing songs through-out 2010, then in the end of 2010 he introduced his Dj alter ego "Nakamura" though in the beginning of 2011 he renamed his alter ego to FM10 (short for his Youtube name which is FryeMartin10). In April of 2011 Frye founded another independent record label but he two names for it so he used both of them and called it NMB/Sly Records. On October 29, 2011 he released his first  album under his dj alter ego and under his new record label called "BassBox". On October 31 (Halloween) he released a Halloween deluxe edition. In April of 2012 he made another rap album called "Never Too Young". He then made another album under his alter ego named "Short Circut" .

The Lucky One, and future works (2013 - present)Edit

While working on his albums "Rap Till The End" and "BassBox 2" Nazo said that he will sign multiple artists to his record label . In January of 2013 he released his album "Rap Till The End" which features artists signed to NMB/Sly and In September of 2013 he released "BassBox 2". As of March 2014 Nazo is working on 9 new albums and is planing on signing more people to his label. On April 1, 2014 Nazo had officially renamed his record label to Legacy Records . After having a 3 month stall on the release of Instrums, Nazo had finally released it, 5 days later he announced that Instrums 2 is in the works and it was then released December 19th 2014 .

Artistry Edit

Nazo has said that his rapping style is "freeform". Being of various speeds and styles. 


Released Edit

As a rapperEdit

  • Never Too Young (2012)
  • Rap Till The End (2013)

As a DJEdit

  • BassBox (2011)
  • Short Circut (2012) (No longer available)
  • BassBox 2 (2013) (Sale cut short due to complications)

As a producerEdit

  • Instrums (2014)
  • Instrums 2 (2014)

Upcoming Edit

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