Mr. CAP SXSW 2014
Birth name Cornelius A. Pratt
Also known as Cap-1, Mr. CAP-1, Capism, CapPilla
Date of birth April 5, 1973
Origin South Park, Houston Texas
Genres Hip Hop, Rap
Labels O.N.E. 4 Da Money
South Park Coalition (SPC)

Biography Edit

Mr. CAP is an American rapper, born Cornelius A. Pratt from Houston, Texas, and a member of the South Park Coalition (SPC), founded in 1988 by his friend, Eric Kaiser known as K-Rino. Mr.CAP is a nephew of Johnny "Guitar" Watson. “Pratt’s family history comes out in his music. He always manages to translate the content of the song in an interesting musical way, when he puts that voice to music; it has a nimble quality that allows it to slide around flurries of words with a jazzy deftness.” Mr.CAP released his debut album "2 Tha Grave" in 2011.

Mr.CAP began rapping at the age of eight. He was coming up during the time when rap was just hitting the scene. He knew He liked Hip Hop when he first heard Kurtis Blow. But knew for certain that he'd be a rapper when he first heard Rakim. Rap at that point, would become his first love.

Recognition Edit

"Mr. CAP Interview on Mainstream Radio 93.7 The Beat"

"Mr. CAP returns to his musical roots" April 7, 2014

"Mr.CAP Born From A Blues Legacy" April 15, 2013

"Somebody Tell Wiz Khalifa There's Only One Mr. CAP" April 20, 2015

Critical Reception Edit

Reviewers of Live my Life commended the "nimble quality" of Mr.CAP's voice and the "lush production", with Rick Jamm of Jamsphere concluding: "I think that this is one of his best pieces of work so far"

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