Birth Name: Iskaar Karin Chavez Parra Nicknames: Mr. 500 Problemz, I.C, Mr. 5P, 5P, Izzy, Mr. Umma Do Her, 5Peezy, 5Pimpin, Mr. Relationship & F.R.E's Very Own Born: August 18, 1993 (Age 18) Origin: Yuma Arizona, United States Genre: Hip Hop, Rap & R&B Occupation: Rapper, Songwriter, Producer & Singer Years Active: 2007-Present Lables: Fade Records Entertainment Associated Acts: Fade Records Entertainment, Colton CMC, Wicked, Miss Karma, AZ AKtivity, Angel Ray, Lambo Boii, Peacho, Kenjo "LIKE" Me On Facebook: Regular Facebook: Youtube Account Please Subcribe: Follow Me On Twitter:!/OfficialMr5P Wikipedia: Reverbnation:

2007-Present Rap CareerEdit


ILL ConscienceEdit

The Same Day 5P Ended The Beef With Pryde, ILL Conscience Sent Him Comment That Said "yo fuck you. Ur lucky i dnt come out with a diss real quick,. You dont know him personallaly . Ur lucky i dnt diss u guys reall quick jus to quiet chu. but yu aint got nothin on me. so come out withsome shyt and diss me and ull see wuttup" Then Mr. 5P Responded With The D-Pryde Beef Is Over And Then Stormz Responded With A Video Called Promothing Mr. 5P And His Hatin Ass Crew He Said That Bring Ur Guys And He'll Unleash His Guys So Mr. 5P Is Just Ignoring This Beef. Then Later On They Put The Beef To Rest And Now There Makin Songs Together.==Jay.R== On June 2, 2009 He Made A Statement That Would Make This Beef Happen "HAHA CALLN ME A JOKE BITCH?? HAHA LOOK AT YUR WHACK ASS LYRICS..DAT DUDE WAS RITE WAT DOES 5p STAND FOR 5OO POUNDS?? I FUCKN HATE PPL LKE YU TRYN TO ACT ALL HARD EVN THO THEY FUCKN SUCK!" Which Made Mr. 5P Respond Back With A Video He Posted August 4th 2009 Tellin Him If He Wants Beef He Gots Beef And Every Rapper On Youtube Has Mr. 5P'S Back Jay.R Only Responded By Sayin "Wow HAHA" Then The Beef Starts Gettin Bigger In August 5th, 2009 A-Dubb A Friend Of Jay R's Made A Video Makin Fun Of His Name Mr. 5P (5000 Pounds) Also Tellin Him He Sucks 5P On The Other Hand Is Plaining 2 Made A Huge Diss Song. And Jay. R Now Has To Deal With All The Fade Records Ent Members. Diss Songs Have Been Made By Both Jay R And Fade But 5P Is Workin On His. On August 9, 2009 Mr. 5P Released He Diss Song "Drop" Featuring Dreezy, Yung Ryder, RJ DA Joker & ILL Conscience It Was A Hit Jay. R didnt Respond Till 3 Days After But Then Yung Ryder, ILL Conscience And Mr. 5P Talked It Over Wit Him And The Beef Was Put 2 Rest In August 26, 2009 ==Obscene== In Early January Of 2012 A Group In Yuma Arizona Named "Obscene" Made A Contest Entry For The Funk Volume Label Called "Dont Funk With My Beats" At The End They Took A Shot At Mr. 5P Sayin "I Got 500 Problemz But Rap Aint One" Get it?. So Mr. 5P Took Action And Hit Up The Group, They Denied That The Song Was A Diss To Him. Then Colton CMC Jumped In Sayin It Was Then The Group Started Gettin Angry. 5P And CMC's Fellow Friend Wicked Dissed Obscene A Couple Of Days Later Obsence Member S.U.M Buddy Made A Diss Towards Wicked Called "Truly Wicked" That Same Day S.U.M Buddy Called Mr. 5P Wanting To End The Beef Between Obscene And 509. S.U.M Buddy Said To Mr. 5P "We Mean No Disrespect Towards Your Group I Dissed Wicked Because He Threw A Diss At Us But We Were All Heated And Lets Just End The Beef". 5P Responded "Its All Good Make Sure It Dont Happen Again Cuz Next Time It Happens We Dissin Back If U Wanna Take It Personal Then So Be It U Dont Fuck Wit Us We Dont Fuck Wit Guys". So On January 20th 2012 The Beef Was Squashed.On March 1st The Beef Was Re-Ignited When Bliss & Grimm From Obscene Talked About F.R.E Member Wicked Making Fun Of His Weight. And Saying F**k F.R.E, They Are The Fakest Label Ever. Also On Bliss's Facebook Page He Posted A Status Saying "F**K Mr. 5P". Bliss Made A Song Called "They Call It Murder" Produced By Grimm And Took Shots At Wicked & The Whole F.R.E Label. Wicked Then Responded With A Song Called "Blissful Thinking". Bliss Had Nothing To Say After That Diss Track, So He Has Grimm Take Shots At Wicked, Mr. 5P, Colton CMC & The Rest Of The F.R.E Label With A Song Called "The Pre-Burial" Making Fun Of Wicked And How He Named Him On His Last Diss Track, Taking About Colton CMC Being In Jail, How Mr. 5P Is A Waste Of An Artist & And How He Wanna Put F.R.E In A Body Bag. Wicked Called Mr. 5P Sayin "Fuck That They Gettin To Personal Imma Fuck Them Up" So Mr. 5P Hit Up Fellow Arizona Rapper A-Dub Da Prodigy He Told him "Have U Seen Me Put Out A Diss Im Not Showing My Haters Attention Im Doing Music Because I Love It And So I Can Have A Better Future" After That Mr. 5P And Wicked Decided To Forget About The Beef. Bliss Kept On Talkin About F.R.E And He Also Took Shots Against Miss Karma. But She Fought Back With Words But Mr. 5P Said Thats Enough Its Getting To Personal. So On March 15th Bliss And Mr. 5P Made A Deal That They Will Finally Put The Beef To Rest And Go There Different Ways. Just A Couple Days Later After There Deal On March 22nd, 2012, A Fellow Yuma Arizona Rapper Named "Weirdo" Made A Song Called "Enemy's" Featuring Mr. 5P & Wicked. Mr. 5P Took Shots At Obscene Basically His Verse Was About Them Thinking He Was Scared And Defending Colton CMC Since He Is In Jail. And If They Kept Dissing He Was Gunna Unleash His Nuclear Weapon (F.R.E). Then He Said To His Girl Friend Miss Karma "I Said What I Had To Say I Dont Care If They Keep Dissing Us I Know They Heard The Song I Was Quiet The Whole Beef And I Said What Had To Be Said And Thats That". ==Personal Life==

Legal troublesEdit

November 19th, 2010, Mr. 5P Was At Colton CMC'S House With A Couple Of Homies. And There Was Marijuana In CMC'S Room That His Friends Were Smoking When The Neighbors Called The Cops On Them Because They Smelt The Weed. And The Cops Came To The House And Searched And All They Found Was A Digital Scale That Colton CMC Used for Online School. They Searched Mr. 5P And Didnt Find Nothing Because He Denied Smoking. They Arrested Colton CMC For The Night And Let Mr. 5P Go.==Mr.5P's Mixtapes==

2008: I.C & J.C Conection w/ J.C (June 2008) (SMT Records) 2009: Tha Revolution Mixtape (December 8th, 2009) (Fade Records Entertainment & Record Massacre) 2011: The Gentlemen Vs 500 Problemz (May 15th, 2011) (Fade Records Entertainment) TBA: Untitled 4th Official Mixtape

Collaboration MixtapesEdit

TBA: Untittled Fade Records Entertainment Album (With Fade Records Entertainment)== Mr. 5P's Discography==

2008: 500 Problemz (November 18th, 2008) (Fade & Road Records)

162853 1256796356965 1741301385 505380 26085 n

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