“More than meets the eye” is the best way to describe Montreal MC Mirazh (Pronounced Murr-Ahh-Ge). Growing up in the borough of N.D.G. in a Jamaican household, Mirazh was influenced by many styles of music such as jazz, blues, pop, and of course reggae. Mr. Mirazh started the art of MCing at a young age after his older brother, who was in a rap group of his own @ the time taught him how to structure his words line for line, and encouraged him to read books to build up his vocabulary. Already a bright young individual, the writing skills were present, therefore the transition from short stories to actual songs wasn’t difficult. After many days and many nights honing his skills through intense freestyle battles, writing, and cyphers with local talent, Mirazh started recording his own original songs @ different studios around the city building a catalogue of unreleased material mainly for the love of hip-hop. Things began to come full circle when Mirazh connected with some old classmates who also lived in his neighborhood. Together they formed D.P.C. ( Da Pimp Class) and released multiple mixtape’s to the masses and took the Montreal hip hop scene to a whole new level. D.P.C. as a collective recorded numerous songs, sold thousands of CD’s and performed @ various locations in and around the Montreal area. They have also put out several videos using the internet as their primary promotional tool. With years of doing shows and recording as a member of D.P.C., Mirazh is more than prepared to bring his story to the public and solidify his name as one of the best coming out of canada and prove he is truly more than meets the eye. Stay tuned for "The Unseen Hand" Street Tape, & the full length LP from Mirazhilah...





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