Midnight Life is to be the debut album by hip hop duo, The Fixxers, containing rappers DJ Quik and AMG. However, as of 2008, due to illegal bootlegs put out by business associates, the album is scrapped. DJ Quik has also said that The Fixxers no longer exist and they have moved onto other projects. So far the track "So Good" which features Rich Boy has gained the most positive feedback more than their first single Can U Werk Wit Dat.

The album Midnight Life is currently available for sale on their Myspace-Site but DJ Quik said in an audio statement on, that their Myspace-account was hacked and that this is an illegal bootleg. Recently Dubcnn reported that the album finally will be released in summer 2008, however that is highly unlikely, as the master recordings were never paid for and remain the property of the San Fernando Valley area studio they were recorded at.

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