Michael Barber is a musician, rapper, hip hop producer, A&R, and entrepreneur. Michael is the number #1 selling hip hop artist from the state of Indiana. Barber is best known for being the last artist to sign to the infamous Death Row Records.
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MC Michael Barber


Michael Barber is an American musician and producer who was signed to both Universal Music Group and Death Row Records through WIDEawake Entertainment. Barber is best known for his song, Sofa Bed, and his musical movie collaborations, Motion Picture Mayhem.

Michael Barber is of Irish descent, and grew up in a Catholic family in the Southern Indiana city of Evansville. He has toured the country performing and headlined major music festivals such as the Verbal Anarchy Fest in San Antonio, Texas(2010), and the Mesker Fest (2016)in his hometown of Evansville, Indiana.

Michael started rapping as a member of the rap group, Rhyme Related. He was also the frontman for the Runk Band (Runk = Punk + Rap) Illuminati Sky.

Illuminati Sky released the single, Take Your Time and the B Side, Run Thru the Streets, via Interscope Digital. It was certified gold in 2014.

XXL Magazine contributor, Chad Kiser, spoke about Barber, stating that "every team needs their own Jeffrey Goines so to speak, and we have one with [Michael] Barber."

Barber is best known for the song Sofa Bed and it's two remixes, Another Sofa Bed, and Sofa Bed 502 Remix, all with Nappy Roots. The song, Sofa Bed, was on the Death Row Records released, Audio Stepchild album. Another Sofa Bed was on the Nappy Roots project, Sh*t's Beautiful, and the the final version, Sofa Bed the 502 remix featuring JR Jackson was the the album with Johnny Depp titled, The Hookah Lounge.

After Barber's album was locked into the bankruptcy with Death Row Records, Barber took a hiatus from music. He returned in 2016 with a joint album with Indiana rapper, Matty Moe. The lead single, Moon Rocks, charted on Itunes. Shortly after Barber released an album titled Sand Dollars as a free download, and said it songs recorded while on Death Row that didn't make the album.


*Motion Picture Mayhem

*Motion Picture Mayhem 2

*Motion Picture Mayhem 3

*The Purple Aces Project 

*Deadly Combo with Matty Moe 

*Sand Dollars 


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